Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wedding Departures

In the olden days, items such as rice, grain, etc. were tossed at the bride and groom as they departed to wish prosperity on them. However, rice is now known to harm animals if swallowed, so guests have been coming up with new fun ways to say goodbye to the new bride and groom. Here are some cool ideas!

Bubbles are a great departure idea. When the sun reflects off of them it looks so colorful. Plus everyone loves blowing the bubbles including the children and it’s a great way to leave the wedding on a fun note.

Butterflies are such a fun idea. Everyone can be given a small box of butterflies, and as the bride and groom leave, everyone lifts open their boxes. The only bummer is that some may die while being shipped over so buy extra if needed.

Releasing doves can add romance and excitement to any departure! The doves represent peace and the starting of a new life. It is so beautiful to watch them fly!

Rose petals help leave the wedding with an elegant feeling. A great idea is to also create a walkway for the bride and groom made out of the rose petals and adds color to the pictures. Picking roses that are the color of your theme can also really bring out the colors of your wedding.

Pictures received from google