Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Summer Bridesmaids Gifts

I believe that all Bridesmaid gifts should be personal. Something really special, a gift that connects each bridesmaid to the bride or that connects the bride to her bridesmaids.
Here are a few personalize Summer Bridesmaid Gifts that we loved:

Personalized make-up bags - With these great homemade make up bags, the bride can select the fabric for each bridesmaid and have it personalized with her name.

Sterling leaf bracelets- For a wilderness wedding, these little bracelets would be the perfect gift. You can choose a different silver leaf for each bridesmaid and pick their favorite color gem or colored fresh water pearl.

Starfish Necklace- For a beach summer wedding, this is the perfect bridesmaid gift, pick a different shell or starfish for each bridesmaid as well as a different colored gem for each.

Jewelry Boxes- This is one of my favorites because the artsy bride can make this gift herself and for those of you who are not, you can just buy one of these and have someone personalize it for you! You can personalize with pictures of the two of you on the inside and on the outside you can paint it her favorite color and write her name, favorite saying, quote, or just a note to let her know you care about her! Everyday when she gets out her jewelry she will think about you!

Hope these help... if you want more ideas let me know or research yourself at www.etsy.com

~ Krystel