Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bridal Hairstyle Trends for the Summer

An important decision you will have to make for your big day is your hairstyle. Trends for this summer season are very natural and elegant. There are four top trends for your perfect summer wedding, the Greek Goddess, the ball gown, short hair, and vintage hair pieces.

Whether you go with the traditional braid like Julianne Hough or the more dramatic style like on the runways, both of these Greek Goddess looks are trendy and beautiful for the summer season.

Credit: Sara De Boer and Dan Lecca

The next trend is the Ball Gown look. This hairstyle is classic and romantic and by using big, loose, and natural looking curls you can achieve this traditional and perfect hairstyle.

If you don’t have long hair, short hairstyles are always in season for the summer. If your wearing more of an edgy, modern bridal gown you want go with a funky, trendy style, but if your dress is more traditonal stick to a straight style or add in a few loose curls.

The last trendy accent for the summer is vintage hair pieces. Accessories such as hair pins, hair vines, small tiaras, headbands, vintage veils, and fresh flower adornments.


Your wedding hairstyle should be timeless, and these soft touches to your hair will make you a chic, glamorous, timeless bride.