Monday, October 13, 2008

Marie's Fitting/ Bridesmaid fitting

Here are some photos of Marie and her bridesmaids- it was the first fitting for her wedding dress and the girls first time trying on their bridesmaid dresses, just to get sizes. Their dresses will be black with an aqua sash- just stunning. This day was a lot of fun! Marie looks amazing in her wedding dress! I cant wait to see it all finished!

Love ya girls,
Thanks for having fun with me!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Wedding!

Hey Couture Readers,
I got married!!! August 2, 2008 I married the man of my dreams and now I am living the happily ever after!
There were so many amazing pictures thanks to Acres of Hope Photography! So I have posted a few highlights of the day, in no particular order! Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Princess and Pirate Party

We had such a fun day - The San Diego Couture Events Princess and Pirate Party was a blast! The kids were so cute and each had such personality! They were adorable. We had a the pirate party first because we know that boys can get fidgety! The boys also went on a treasure hunt! As for the girls we had a sweet princess tea party and then we just took some fun pictures- the little girls loved the camera. Heres our day in pictures! Thanks to Acres of Hope Photography and all of the parents who brought their kids out we got some great shots!

Captian Dan telling a pirate story!

Our happy little pirate! How CUTE! Try as we might- this was the only face he would give us!

The frosting on this is so gooooo!!! Cute pirate cupcakes!

Everyone all together~! SMILE!

This is how a princess drinks her tea! Wand in one hand tea in the other!

Cupcakes made for Princesses!

Our beautiful tea party!

mmmmmm........This was a great day if she has anything to say about it!