Wednesday, September 9, 2009

DIY Wedding Chair Ideas!

I wanted to share some great DIY ideas I found on the that will add color and comfort to your special day!
One bride made bright paper fans which were placed on each chair for guest to cool themselves off with! A simple origami class can teach you how to create some great paper accessories that will make a great impression on your wedding!

It is also important to remember that you don’t have to stick to the traditional fan shape, as one bride used a wedding program to double as a fan! With a simple and elegant design, this fan/program doubles as a great wedding accessory!

In many cases, chairs will be assigned to important guests such as immediate family members. Attaching a decorative name card complimented with ribbon is a great way to dress up a chair.

I also love the idea of attaching memorabilia to the backs of chair. In this case, postcards were tied to each chair. The possibilities are endless as you can also attach pictures of the bride and groom to the back of the chairs as well!

Hanging paper flowers on the backs of chairs can add a burst of color! Dressing up chairs is a great way to add a personal touch as I have also seen weddings utilize chairs by hanging bags filled with petals, seeds, and more! If you are looking for something different, you could event hang a disposable camera on the back of each chair so that each guest can remember your day forever!

Let these simple yet effective ideas inspire you to get creative with your wedding!



Victoria Mische said...

Well I love the most fabulous idea is tying flowers at the back of the chair. It adds glam and sophistication on the reception. When you are planning to use chair covers, I highly recommend spandex chair covers as it will create a modern and sophisticated look for the event.