Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Setting The Mood For Your Wedding

What better way to create a romantic, magical touch to your wedding than by adding beautiful lighting to your ceremony and reception. Lighting not only creates the mood and feel of your wedding but also highlights details such as the flowers, the cake, aisles, and tables. Candles, patio lights, and interior lights create an overall stunning affect. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, I love the look of string lights wrapped around trees and bushes to make an enchanting reception site. For inside receptions, you can adjust the lights to a relaxed dim setting or use colors to change up the energy of the room. You can never go wrong with classic candles, and for a twist try placing candles inside vases or lanterns. Contact Couture Events for the perfect lighting specialist or ask your venue for their recommendations. One of our favorite light specialist is Fuller lighting and AV Designs at

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