Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Feather Love Photography

This past week I had the pleasure to meet up with Noa, owner of Feather Love. I found her website and absolutely LOVE her style, the photos are so vintage, so beautiful, so magical. I wanted to get a better idea of her company and her style of photography but when we met up I just ended up being inspired! We met on my lunch break and in that short hour she showed me how important it was to do weddings that you love and that you really believe in. My favorite quote from her bio that she really reiterated in our meeting is,

" you don’t have any intention of asking me to take a bridal portrait and make it all black and white, except for the red roses of the bouquet. because you know, in your heart, that i just won’t do it. and you and i will probably have a laugh about that sort of thing at some point… you have great taste. you think i probably do too."

She really encouraged me to take a leap and show the weddings that I love and the types of weddings I want to do. My style is not exactly like hers but the idea is the same- DONT BE THE TYPICAL WEDDING VENDOR. So I am going to be stepping out a little and showing you the style that I love and I hope you love it too and if you don't, I am probably not the best Wedding Coordinator for you...
So let me begin by showing you a wedding she shot in Vancouver, Washington. I think its absolutely stunning... completely homemade, and all about the details.
See more of this wedding and follow her on some of her amazing travels on her blog: