Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sharon & Casey's DIY Wedding: Part II

Many of you have seen and read about Sharon and Casey's Wedding on Style Me Pretty, but I just had to share all of the wonderful details (including a few of my own comments) and my favorite photos in our blog. This is the second blog out of three for this amazing DIY Wedding! 

All of these stunning photos are by Sean Walker Photography . He did such an amazing job of capturing every moment!

The Woodland Whimsical Wedding- Ceremony and more... 

The wedding was held in San Diego in the backyard of a friend’s home. Sharon and Casey wanted to get married outside with a backdrop of trees and leaves. They knew it was a risk to plan an outdoor wedding in January, but the thought of bare trees and twinkle lights overcame the fear. The free venue helped! It ended up being one of warmest and most beautiful days of winter.

I took the couple to a wholesale flower shop to buy their flowers. It is incredible how far eight dozen roses and 80 hydrangeas can go when you’re going for a backyard look. The day before the wedding, because the arrangements would have been a little thin, the bride and her best friend ran around the semi-rural neighborhood where the wedding was, cutting wildflowers and naturally-growing plants from the side of the road as fillers. No one knew the amazing arrangements had no florist help and were comprised of half-weeds!

One of Sharon’s bridesmaids made her bouquet. She stuck all the flowers together, affixed them with burlap and tied her mom’s wedding ring to the base with twine (it was one of the brides favorite little touches in the wedding).

The couple decided to string pennants throughout the trees. The pennants started out as mere aesthetic but soon became very nostalgic. Bride’s Quote: “Most of the fabric was my mom’s, an avid crafter. She was truly woven throughout the entire wedding. My amazing bridesmaids and I spent two days in my living room-turned-sweatshop, cutting pennants, passing off to the next person to iron, to the next person to sew, to the next person to string. I wanted them to be in trees, down the aisle, anywhere there was room!”

They couple took communion during the ceremony, this little table that the elements were placed on was decorated by her bridesmaids in a mosaic pattern with beautiful ceramics and china
I love to take a step back and look at the big picture! This wedding really was incredible, a dream come true- like a wedding you see in the movies! I have seen many weddings but none quite as whimsical and magical as this one! 

The brides best friend’s husband, Devon, went out into the mountains and gathered wood to make a four-posted chuppah for them to stand under during the ceremony. He nailed it together and draped muslin over the top to make it focal point to the woodland theme.


How Beautiful is this couple... COME ON! 

Can I just note that  I ADORE THIS COUPLE! I love everything about them and throughout the process of getting to know them while planning their wedding, I began to see the love they had for each other and the amazing creativity of Sharon. They are just spectacular!