Friday, February 26, 2010

Meet Jenny May & Swede

Artwork by Kelli Murray

 Meet Jenny May and Jonas
 (aka: JMay and The Swede)
They are the newest Couture Couple! They currently live in the San Fransisco area and will be wed in Orange County! While we have only spoken over the phone, I know that Couture Events is going to be a perfect fit for them. They are eclectic, vintage, and inspired!

A little about this amazing couple:
He: Born & Raised in Stockholm, Sweden. Mr. Practical. Pro Golfer. Entrepreneur. Loves ping pong, making his biceps bigger, and anything outdoors. He makes her laugh! 

She: California Girl. Miss Impractical. Paralegal by day and screenwriter by night. Loves record players, Mexican food, and hearing a beautiful voice sing. She makes him laugh!

They will be Wed on: June 5, 2010

 You can follow their story on their blog: The Swede Records

"THE PROPOSAL: They were vacationing in beautiful Sweden last July & spending time in the archipelago. Jonas was very close to his grandfather who had passed away a few weeks before and told Jenny he wanted to make a video for his memorial.

  They hiked up to the top of an island overlooking the water and sat down on the rocks. Jonas told Jenny he wanted to make the tape for his Grandpa and asked her to film it. Jenny willingly took the camera and began filming Jonas as he was speaking in Swedish, little did she know..."

Yes, I cried while watching this... my breaking point was after he has proposed she is hugging him and all you see is her skirt blowing in the wind and all the peaceful water in the background and you know you are sharing in someones sacred moment. It's just so beautiful!

I love this couple and I am so excited and honored to be their coordinator! It's going to be a wedding full of wonderful DIY details, vintage touches, and lots of love!