Thursday, February 4, 2010

Behind the Scenes @ Couture Events Shoot!

We had so much fun Behind The Scenes @ the Couture Shoot! I just had to share a few of our priceless moments with you! We were constantly laughing and some of the mess-ups turned out to be our favorite photos! This is what every photo shoot should be like- happy, fun, exciting, no pressure, good times! 

Lets get started: 
Emilie (one of Teale's fab interns) was asked to hold the reflector and then Bruiser and we didnt even realize we asked her to do both until we looked over and she looked like this! haha... She can do it all! 

This is the best assistant in the whole wide world... helping the photographers get the lighting right! 

The amazing hair stylist, Nicole (my best friend), doing some ROCKIN HAIR for us! LOVE IT! 

We used the cupcakes as props but at the end of the shoot everyone got to enjoy a cupcake or two! 

I love the laughter! 

** Ding**- Trident Commercial Material 

Good times! 

 Nicole went in to freshen up Julie's lip gloss and a drop almost landed on the dress (lent to us from Chez Bride Moderne- would have been a $5,000 mistake) but Parris caught it- look at that face- VICTORY!

I am not going to lie... it was a pretty chilly day- Karina kept Bruiser warm! 

Bruiser really really wanted to see what was inside of the cup... haha! Oh Bruisey! 

Thanks for laughing along with us, hope you enjoyed this little behind the scenes sneak peak! 


Melissa said...

I love it! The photoshoot looked like so much fun. Makes me want to plan my wedding all over again!!

laura said...

I've been looking for a fun, pearl-like necklace everywhere for my engagement shoot! I would LOVE to find out where Karina got her necklace, and her lace shirt! My wedding dress is all lace and I would also love my pictures to match the same type of theme. I love it all! Thanks :)

Karina said...
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Karina said...

Hi Laura,

Both my necklace and lace shirt are from Forever 21! They always have fun and cute pearl necklaces and there are so many cute tops to choose from. I would try there first! Let me know if you need any help. My email is

Thanks for the post :)