Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bridal Beauty Kit

The Couture Events team brings a bridal “survival” kit to every wedding for all those just-in-case situations, (you can find anything from band-aids, to tissues, advil, to a sewing kit), and the kit has definitely proven to have come in handy! This kit inspired me when thinking about bridal make-up and all the touch-ups that have to be done throughout the day. And so a great idea for any bride is to create their own beauty kit for their wedding day. Having all your beauty items in one place can make touch-ups faster and less of a hassle. Some essential items in your kit can include:


*Face Powder

*Lipgloss or lipstick



*Q-tips soaked in eye make-up remover

*Extra eye make-up remover

*Bobby pins, hair ties


*Floss, breath mints, a small toothbrush

*Hair spray

*Small hair brush or comb


*A good tip is to also avoid using new beauty products in case of allergic reactions

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