Friday, November 20, 2009

Terri and Erik's Rancho Bernardo Winery Wedding

Terri & Erik
Married on: September 18, 2009

It all began with a Craigslist Post...

Which soon turned into LOVE...

Then the wedding invites were sent out...

She was just too beautiful... how could he resist!
Make Up: ACMakeUp

They called the ones they loved and asked them to stand by them on their special day!

Meet the Bridesmaids:
and the Groomsmen:

It was a beautiful day...

The scene was set...
Venue: Rancho Bernardo Winery

The guys were ready!

This was TRUE LOVE!

They decided to begin in the journey of life together...

With each step she took in her Marc Jacob Heels (cute heart detailed peep toe and heel) she knew they were only getting closer to the adventure of a lifetime... Marriage!

They made it to their destination at the front of the alter and the butterflies flew away-

They said their vows, confessed their love, and he kissed his bride...

Let the Party Begin:

Reception and all of the beautiful details!!!

They used cigar boxes as vases and placed a wine bottle at each table as the table number and what a beautiful centerpiece they made.
Florist: Rae Florae

The Bride and Groom engraved their names and wedding date onto wooden fans and gave them out to all their guests to keep them cool on this warm September day.

This was the kids table... the perfect kids table- butcher paper substituted for a table cloth and there were crayons galore.. each child also got a bag full of goodies including: stickers, bubbles, small toys, etc. And instead of wine bottle centerpiece the kids got a Martinelli's bottle!

The tables were set to perfection.. black table cloths, wine colored napkins, cork coasters as favors, and the most beautiful and creative centerpieces.

The Bridal Bouquet- Just stunning. As an extra personal and special touch the bride added this stunning butterfly broach.

The cake was AMAZING- covered with cascading sugar butterflies...
Cake: Joanne Hansen (call Couture Events for contact info)

The couple asked for five minutes alone after the ceremony just to be together. This alone time was a beautiful thing and I believe more Brides and Grooms should take these five minutes in the midst of the hustle and bustle!

When Asked: YOUR MARRIED, Now What?

The Couple Replied, "DISNEY WORLD!!!! "

They were such a joy to work with- their amazing personalities shined!

First dance at dusk... just as the sun was setting!

Then they danced into the night and had their grand departure surrounded by friends and family and bubbles galore.

This is one of the most spectacular weddings I have done yet! There were so many amazing details about their wedding and I could not be happier for them! Such an awesome wedding day for an amazing couple...

Congrats Terri and Erik!!!
Krystel Tien


Rosario said...

I Love those shoes! and the cake is gorgeous!

Paula Rae said...

Beautiful captures! Thanks for posting!!