Sunday, April 18, 2010

Meet Rosy and Wes: Proposal Story & Engagement Shoot

 Meet Rosy and Wes!

This AMAZING COUPLE came to me almost a year ago and asked if I would help them in planning their wedding from afar! They lived out of town and wanted to get married at All Hallows Catholic Church in La Jolla and have their reception at the La Valencia Hotel here in San Diego! I was so excited to be planning a wedding for this amazing couple.  As we started to talk about colors and the style of the wedding they showed me Rosy's engagement ring! 

It's a canary diamond or "fancy yellow" to be more specific. After talking about how much she loved the ring and how it reflected her style and personality I knew we would use their rings as the inspiration for their wedding
*Her Ring: Classic and vintage inspired with modern flair 
*His Ring: Renaissance inspired with intricate details

This gave me the vision! Colors: Yellow and white. Style: Classic, vintage, and renaissance with a touch of modern flair. It fit their styles and personalities perfectly! We got started planning and the rest is history! You will see how it all comes together on May 29, 2010, their wedding day!  I have had so much fun planning this uniquely perfect wedding just for Rosy and Wes! 

They trusted me with so much and I am so honored and privileged to be their Wedding Coordinator!  

Here are some highlights from their engagement shoot by 
Teale Photography and the proposal story from the Brides perspective! Enjoy! 

This engagement session was 
simple, elegant, and classy! 
The perfect reflection of Rosy and Wes!

 "When Wes proposed I was in the hardest part of my residency, I was working at Kaiser San Jose as the Chief Resident in Foot and Ankle Surgery.  For 3 months I was not allowed a day off.  Luckily one of the attendings took pitty on me and said I could have New Years Day off.  Wes planned a quick getaway for us to South Lake Tahoe,  I had my bags packed for a fabulous New Years Eve Celebration, we left Silicon Valley after work on December 31st and drove the 4 hours with traffic to South Lake.  

I had a feeling he would propose because exactly 5 weeks prior I had made the Engagement Chicken Recipe and I was ready! We had been dating for 2 years, and he knew that was my cut off!  On the drive to South Lake enjoying the scenery and the snow on the side of the road I was feeling very giddy, but Wes shot me down and said not to expect anything because he wouldn't be proposing that weekend, I was so sad, he was so serious and it made me mad! I was upset that he wouldn't propose and now I had to be in the car with him on my only day off!  

Part of me didn't believe him, however when we pulled up into the HoJo (Howard Johnson) and he said this is where we are staying I was shocked! I thought well he really isn't proposing especially since we are staying at the HoJo, I was even more upset.  But I decided to get dolled up and get ready for the New Year anyway.  

We went to dinner at Cafe Fiore, I cute tiny little Italian Eatery with a fabulous menu. The restaurant only has 8 tables.  The snow was stacked up outside and there were white stargazer lillies on the table giving off their wonderful aroma, it was magical.  

Wes brought some of our favorite wine from Castillo Amorosa in Napa, and to my surprise he had a wine pairing for each course.  The meal was exquisite!  I noticed he wasn't talking very much which is very unusual for him and he kept rubbing his right pant pocket all night.  On top of that he kept telling me to take it easy with the champagne because I needed to remember that night.

After dessert it was very close to midnight, we were finishing our wine when right at midnight he got down on one knee and pulled out the box, he said a slurry of wonderful things all of which I can't remember,  it only took a second for the tears of joy to start pouring!  
I said *Yes* !
 We later transferred to a much nicer Resort and spent New years Day on the slopes.  It was perfect!  "
~ Rosario Araguas


This lovely couple will be wed on 
May 29, 2010! 
More fabulous photos to come after the wedding... 


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